The Lime Green Bow Story

Celebrated for her eye for the unusual, vintage dealer and creative consultant Clemmie Myers has been sourcing Statement and Designer vintage for over a decade under the pseudonym of Lime Green Bow. She has built up a diverse clientele, from designers inspired by her unusual pieces to collectors of high end vintage, vintage hounds, newbies, fashionistas, museum curators and pop stars. Her pieces have been featured in magazines such as British Vogue, The New York Times, ID Magazine and King Kong.

All pieces are sourced globally and hand picked by Clemmie.

Her appointment only Showroom is Studio 5, 18 All Saints Road W11 1HH. 

To contact her directly email:


We’ve woken up in a post lockdown world, how are you feeling about Lime Green Bow and the sustainable fashion revolution?

Im feeling great. Don't get me wrong lockdown was hard on me mentally and with a new baby it definitely wasn't the easiest of times, but after i....