Sell With Us


The main collection is owned by Clemmie Myers but we also offer a consigning service. Officially we are interested in Women’s Clothing from the 1960s to the early 2000's – the Statement & Designer kind. But if you have anything interesting and fabulous pre 1960 or iconic from the 2000’s we will happily have a look!

The clothing has to be in good condition with no stains or issues but doesn’t have to be ironed and pristine – we can do the DC for you. You may think it’s too outrageous, too out of date or unfashionable, but let us judge. You could have what we consider to be a GEM. Don’t be afraid to show us your wares!


Send us an email with some information about your pieces (pics, amount you have, eras, designer labels if any, that kind of thing). We promise not to make you feel crap in the event that your pieces aren’t for us – we understand the connection to and emotion around clothes and can always point you in the right direction.

If we do see anything of interest we would LOVE to come and look at the clothes (or you can bring them to the Shop or Showroom what ever is preferable) and go through them with you picking out the ones we think we can sell for you.


We work on a 65/35 basis so when an item sells our clients receive 35% of the sale price



If you have an overwhelming amount of Clothes and accessories of all types all conditions, high street to vintage, high end, unsual pieces, designer and contemporary (you are a hoarder or a collector or an ex fashion editor who fancies a clear out or have purchased a large lot of clothes you need distributing) we have a service where we take care of all of that for you. Fee is agreed depending on size of job.