Brand Storyteller & Place Maker

Unlock, Align, Elevate

Over the past few years Clemmie has built up the Creative & Consultancy side of Lime Green Bow, coaching some exciting brands with their various creative needs, providing and developing concepts, copy, content, soundbites and branding solutions.

She is particularly interested in helping brands to align their offerings across media, and explore new ways of telling 'The Story' of the brand or figure head. She deep dives in to the clients psyche getting to the core of who they are, how they work and what makes them tick. From this place of understanding Clemmie is able to asses the brand presence and whether it's authentically aligned, what improvements and changes should be made and how the brand would be better positioned.

 'I nurture the connection between the client and their brand presence, seeking to clarify and align their vision. Words are a significant part of how a brand is conveyed and without a clear, fresh and consistent vision, the words can often get lost in translation or hold a brand back rather than propelling it forward. It is my job to pull everything together creatively. I see myself as the storyteller. The way I work is very organic, it's a bespoke service, a collaborative experience between the client and myself, a creative process to unlock, align and elevate.'

If you are looking for some creative guidance with your brand, or if you’re birthing a new idea or need help making sense of the ideas you have, require a refresh of your website copy and brand identity or have any individual creative needs that you wish to discuss, please reach out to Clemmie directly


'Words are the model, words are the tools, words are the boards, words are the nails.'

Richard Rhodes

Some happy clients....

"Clemmie has an uncanny ability to place herself in your target markets shoes. She is then able to poetically articulate your product and service in to words that matter to those you are communicating them to. She can completely understand what your market needs and wants from your product and service. She is able to pull out what makes you unique and magically composes words to speak to those needs whilst placing you as the solution. The result is clear communication and an authentic relationship with the customer." 

Natalie Tredgett - Interior Designer


"I think Clemmie is a genius, she created a name and a vision for my best selling product the World Traveller.  I had made a beautiful product, but it needed a name, a backstory and a vision to go with it. Clemmie encouraged me to think in a less two-dimensional way.  Her methods are unique and instinctive, as a consultant she manages to extract and develop information you never knew you had."

Jess Collett - Milliner 


I worked with Clemmie for brand positioning launching myself as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Psychologist and Grief Guide. Clemmie has an aptitude for understanding her client's skills and services incredibly fast. In the initial consult she listens with deep intent, allowing me to explore my story and then she intuitively and accurately pulls from this information and builds 'sound bites' and 'propositions' to form the brand identity.

I have to say, I was deeply impressed by Clemmie's work. She is a natural writer and has incredibly creative idea's which often left my mouth gaping thinking, how did she think of that so fast?!

She is efficient, quick, creative and super smart. Everything you want from a brand consultant!

Tara Nash - Coach, Yoga Teacher


You have truly captured my essence and the business. It’s refreshing to know I can work with someone that gets my work, you have brought insights and awareness to myself and the business I hadn’t recognized before. I actually teared up as I was reading it. You have such a gift for this work!!

Mariah Miller - Wellness & Beauty